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One important step that many home owners forget when they purchase and move into a new home is changing the locks, which is a simple, but crucial step in home ownership. Purchasing new locks prevents old residents from entering your home, as well as any service providers that had access to the house under the old tenants. This important process, if done incorrectly, can have dire consequences for the security of your home or business. Here at Murdock Lock and Key, we are the lock experts of New Orleans, Louisiana, and we are proud to help you!

New lock installation can be broken down into a two-step process.

• Selecting the Correct Lock—As all lock enthusiasts know, choosing the correct combination of locks and doors is an important step in purchasing and installing new locks. Our knowledgeable and professional employees are experts in determining which lock is perfect for your needs.

• Installing and Testing the Lock— Once the perfect locks have been selected, Murdock Lock & Key’s professional staff will get right to work installing your new locks. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and cutting edge techniques, our employees will make sure that the locks you purchase fit perfectly with your doors and windows. After the installation is complete, our staff will test each lock to ensure that they work perfectly.

Throughout the entire process, our staff will meet the standards set by Murdock Lock & Key in order to provide the highest quality locks and services. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!