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There are many reasons to purchase new keys for your home! From the broken key to the lost key, Murdock Lock & Key serving New Orleans, Louisiana, has the selection and the expertise to help you fulfill all of your rekeying needs!

• Broken Keys—By purchasing a set of new keys for your home, you will increase your peace of mind by having a back-up set of keys in case your primary set breaks. Keys are made out of soft metal in order to decrease wear on the lock. Unfortunately, this means that keys are susceptible to damage, and can break easily. Fortunately, it is a simple matter to construct new keys to fit your locks!

• Spare Keys—Murdock Lock & Key offers a compelling reason to purchase a spare set of keys. How many times have you forgotten your keys, only to wish that you had a spare set hidden outside of your house? Our employees have been there, and along with a spare set of keys, our workers will provide expert tips on where to store your spare set in a location that is both easy to access and secure. Make a positive impact on your home security through Murdock Lock & Key’s rekeying service!

Whether the goal is to purchase a spare set of keys in case of damage, or to buy a spare set in case you lock yourself out of your house, Murdock Lock & Key has got your rekeying needs covered.Bring your patronage to our business and let us increase your peace of mind today!